9. S01:E04 – Investing for Rogue Waves



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Surfing The Debt Super-Cyclone

Big wave surfers are some of the biggest risk takers on the planet, but they also wear life vests in case of unexpected circumstances.

Unfortunately a lot of investors are swimming naked, and don’t see the rogue waves stacking up on the horizon that have dangerous potential of wiping them out.

In this episode, the Milkshakes Duo talk big wave surfing in Hawaii and the ocean of risks lurking for investors who paddle for the wrong wave.

Is this just the calm before the storm, and if so when will the seas of change start to rock the boat?

(poem mode activated)

One thing is certain, you want to make sure you already have shelter where you can hide, but don’t seek refuge under a debt-ceiling or you’re likely to get washed out with the tide.

In surfing, the saying is “know before you go”, so make sure you tune in to this week’s Milkshakes, Markets, Madness Show.

Whether you are watching from the shore, or paddling out in hopes of catching the ultimate ride, you won’t want to miss this episode because there is something for everyone waiting inside.


00:00 – Disclaimer

00:25 – Video intro

01:18 – Host intros

02:04 – Go Birds! NFC Championship Game

03:10 – Crazy Philly sports fans

04:05 – The Pelosi Act

06:02 – Oil predictions

09:29 – Natural Gas

11:05 – The Goldilocks scenario (and why it won’t last)

13:06 – The Rogue Wave- How Brent is positioned

15:04 – The “Eddie”

16:54 – The gold hedge

19:15 – “Renting” the miners (Insurance vs. Religion)

20:47 – Dollar, gold, and how to trade “the extremes”

24:28 – Dollar short positioning

26:30 – Don’t get this wrong

28:09 – Debt Ceiling

29:10 – Surfing the dollar wave

29:57 – Stretching the rubberband and V-shape recoveries

33:29 – The 100% bet you do not want to make (Dollar Milkshake Theory)

34:07 – Salutations

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