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The Dollar Milkshake Theory, an idea created by Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital to explain the role of the US Dollar in the global monetary system, is a reference to the infamous milkshake scene in the movie “There Will Be Blood”.

The clever narrative, like all good tales, has taken on a life of its own, and just like the movie from which it credits its name, the “theory” has also attracted its share of haters.

Brent takes it all in stride and finds humor in the drama. Particularly that which occurs on Twitter, where he is a well-known antagonist and where most financial debates congregate nowadays.

So, Brent and his friend Jon Kutsmeda decided to share some of the social madness on a weekly show.

Welcome to Milkshakes, Markets, & Madness.

Every week, Brent and Jon invite you to share a laugh at their favorite Twitter tantrums, and the madness of financial markets.

If you are tired of drawn out, jargon filled, boring financial podcasts, then tune in for Milkshakes, Markets, & Madness to enjoy the lighter side and off-topic discussions that include sports, politics, memes, travel, and whatever fun they find during the week.

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